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Grave at the Microsoft Pavillion at E3 2014

This event was a major milestone for us at Broken Window Studios; We were invited as VIP's to walk the Green Carpet to attend the Microsoft press briefing. During the press briefing we were surprised with our game being featured in the briefing as part of the ID@Xbox segment. Our game and studio name was one of a handful of games to be featured like this, so needless to say we were beyond proud and honored to have such exposure.

The press briefing was followed by 3 full days showing Grave on the E3 show floor as part of the Microsoft ID@Xbox pavillion. We had a great experience speaking to press and other indie developers during the event and I speak for the team when I say that it will be something we will remember fondly when looking back on the development of Grave. A huge opportunity and really fun event.

We managed to meet up with Sony while at E3 to discuss bringing Grave to the PS4. Nothing is confirmed, but we are moving in a good direction! Watch this space.. - Footage of Grave as featured in the press briefing - Info for Microsofts E3 take - Official E3 info!

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