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Grave VR is a single-player, surrealist, virtual reality horror experience where light is your only tool for survival. Designed specifically from the ground up for intuitive motion controls, Grave VR presents a unique chance to feel the white-knuckle tension of being inside your worst nightmare.

  • Psychological horror - You're the weakest creature in the world of Grave, and must use every resource at your disposal in order to survive the night.

  • No Conventional Weapons - Light is your only protection against creatures that feed off the night.

  • A variety of Deadly monsters - Including Strangers, Orphans, Wraiths, and The Tortured, each with different strengths and weakness against your arsenal

  • Intuitive controls - Designed from the ground up for motion controls. Pull a match from the box and strike it as if it existed in real life, reach to your belt and grab a flashlight or pull the pin on a flashbang; you'll forget that it's not real.

  • Story-driven VR experience - Intriguing storyline with a focus on on progression and discovery, not just survival

  • Highly Interactive Environments - Not your typical VR horror experience. Navigate the environment using an intuitive node-based traversal system to discover hidden locations and extra resources.

  • Use the Environment as a Weapon - From burnable foliage to powered generators.

The Story

You awaken in a strange desert with no idea of how you got there. Your only clue is to follow an eccentric reporter who seems to know just a little bit more than you. You just hope that madness... or the creatures that come out in the darkness... don't get you first.

Grave VR is a prologue narrative to the full Grave experience, and will provide hints about the larger world of Grave that will be seen in the complete experience next year.


Virtual Reality

Both games in the Grave franchise support virtual reality, but Grave VR gives you the the opportunity to really live through the experience by taking full advantage of the unique motion controls only provided by the HTC Vive. Expect to be scared... really scared... as the world around you looks and behaves as if you actually exist inside it. 

For HTC Vive - Additional VR platforms coming soon

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