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Grave VR is the "Silent Hill" of VR Horror Games, Coming to HTC Vive in time for Halloween


Date: 9/20/2016

Phoenix, Arizona - This Halloween just got a little bit scarier with the announcement of Grave VR, a new psychological horror title set in a surrealist desert wasteland. The game has been built specifically for the HTC Vive and employs a variety of interactions reminiscent of their real-world counterparts, Such as lighting matches or pouring down gasoline. The game is intended to focus on the more visceral and frightening aspects of horror experiences, instead of the adrenaline and weaponry of many other titles.

"We see Grave VR as the 'Silent Hill' to the "Resident Evil" of other VR games, in that it's more focused on tension and psychological horror," says Broken Window Studios' Creative Director, Tristan Parrish Moore. "We're not looking to make the player feel powerful or give them a huge arsenal of weapons." In fact, there aren't any actual guns or traditional weapons in Grave VR. Instead of pistols, shotguns and uzis, players will be tasked with finding the right uses for items like matches, flashlights and flares. "Be careful, though," Moore noted. "There are several different monsters in Grave VR, and while some may be afraid of your flashlight, others might be attracted to it. You're going to need to pay attention if you want to survive."

Grave VR is a loose prologue to Grave, a larger open world experience which has been in development since its successful Kickstarter in 2014. Grave VR more heavily emphasizes a story and progression than many VR titles, and features a unique node-based traversal system that sees players looking into the distance to pick where they want to go next, instead of being limited only to scripted waves of attacks. "We don't want the players of Grave VR to forgo the campaign in favor of survival mode, although we definitely will be providing both options," Moore said. "Our goal is to make the story mode as compelling, if not more, than any other way to play the game, while borrowing some of the things we love from classic survival horror."


The small team at Broken Window Studios have been experimenting with VR since 2013, and are just coming off their recent win of the Global VR Challenge in Shanghai, China. Grave VR is an opportunity to demonstrate some of the more interesting things that can be done with immersive motion controls, before the larger game releases in 2017. Grave VR will be launching with support for SteamVR and the HTC Vive, but the team is eager to provide versions for Oculus Touch and Playstation VR in the coming months.

Players will be able to pick up Grave VR the week before Halloween, on Wednesday, October 26th. The title will also be launching with a 10% discount off the usual $19.99 price tag for anyone who picks it up before the holiday ends. "We figured that Vive users might want to invite their friends over for some spooky fun after the halloween parties, so we wanted to offer a little more incentive to pick up the game at launch. Why watch a scary movie when you can scare yourself in VR?"

For more information, visit the link here.


  • HTC Vive

Release Date

  • October 26, 2016


  • $19.99 (with an additional 10% discount if purchased before Halloween)




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