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Grave was launched as a kickstarter project in April 2014 and successfully met its funding goal of $30,000 with $37,622! This has been a huge boost for the game and enabled the studio to take on 3 extra team members and jump into dedicated, full time production.

We nearly hit our stretch goal for PS4 development, which was disappointing. The team all appreciate that this is an important goal and so we are still pursuing avenues to gain the ability to release on PS4. All updates will be posted as they develop.

We cannot thank our backers and supporters enough (that goes to our paypal backers too!), without whom we wouldn't have the opportunity to devlop this game. Our new team is dedicated to making Grave the best it can be and we are all working hard to make sure the game is and delivers a quality experience.

Thank you!

For full details of our Kickstarter:

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